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Milano Nail Spa (nail salon 77024), the largest nail spa chain in the US, is almost here in Memorial.

We are located at 9355 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024.

We delight in beautifying you, making your nails look fantastic, and taking excellent care of your beauty needs. We strive to deliver a new level of service quality as the leading spa brand in Houston, ensuring every manicure, pedicure, and other services will be enjoyable and professional. We understand that everyone has different needs, so we offer many separate spacious spa rooms to create a more relaxing experience. Our professional management team will guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services and our meticulous selection of technicians with years of experience. When it comes to a luxurious spa experience, you can rely on us.


We have your back

We have a team of skilled and enthusiastic nail technicians and cosmetologists at our salon. We treat our customers with the same level of enthusiasm and expertise. If you need assistance, our professional customer support team can assist you.


Use with confidence

You can count on us for the best nail care products and products for your beauty needs. When it comes to nail care and other beauty services, we want to be your first choice. We offer skin-friendly, safe, and non-toxic products that will protect your skin and nails from harm.


Fitness for safety

Hygiene and safety are of utmost importance to us. Each and every piece of equipment, instrument, and implement we use is thoroughly cleaned before use.


We do listen

We listen to our customers to help us grow, whether you are first-time visitors or a hundredth-time customer. It will be an absolute pleasure for us to provide you with an answer to your question.


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1. There will be no changes in color or design.
2. We are happy to fix your lift, chip, crack, or broken nails within 10 days of service.
3. The 10-day guarantee policy will not be applied to regular polish.
4. Customers are responsible for their choices of color.

If you are dissatisfied with the services, please share your experience at email:

Your satisfaction is essential to us.


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Milano Nail Spa Memorial is located at 9355 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024.

Yes, nail salons can certainly remove nail polish! At MILANO NAIL SPA MEMORIAL, we offer a range of services to help you remove your nail polish.

If you have a regular or gel manicure, we can use a combination of acetone and nail polish remover to help you quickly and easily remove any of your existing colors. This process is safe and gentle on your nails.

If you have a manicure with acrylic nails, we have special tools that help us safely remove the acrylic from your nails. We use a specialized file to gently buff away the acrylic and then use a liquid remover to finish taking off the polish.

No matter what type of manicure you have, we will take the time to provide a thorough and safe removal of your nail polish. So come on in to MILANO NAIL SPA MEMORIAL and let us help you get the perfect look for any occasion!

Yes, the MILANO NAIL SPA MEMORIAL can definitely paint your natural nails. They offer a variety of services to keep your nails looking their best, including manicures, pedicures, and nail art. For your natural nails, they offer a full range of colors and finishes so you can get the look you want.

They also offer a few different design options for those who want something more unique.

The salon staff is experienced and highly trained so you can rest assured that your nails will be in great hands. Plus, they use only the highest quality products to ensure that your nails stay healthy and strong.

So if you’re looking to get your natural nails painted, MILANO NAIL SPA MEMORIAL is the place to go!